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CyberInsecure currently offers advertising for a wide range of security related websites, blogs, products and services. CyberInsecure was launched in March of 2008 and achieves tens of thousands of unique daily visits from internet security concerned users. By purchasing an ad banner or a text link on our website you can expect your ad to be shown to about 700,000 unique visitors monthly.

Advertising can be done in a variety of ways. Not everyone is after the same thing with their advertising requirements and we will try to help you get exactly what you need. Here is a list of possible partners and categories we accept:

– Firewall/anti-virus products.
– Web applications or services related to internet or computer security.
– Security software products or services.
– Database security products.
– Hosting firms and companies.
– Intrusion detection and/or intrusion prevention products (IDS/IPS).
– Quality assurance products or services.
– Educational institutions.
– Conference vendors.
– Security related websites, forums or blogs.

If you’re considering advertising but don’t fit into any of the categories listed above, please contact us for a suitable solution.

Banner: You can promote your brand by placing a product or brand banner on our website. Our 180×60 ad boxes are for sale on a monthly contract. Paying on a monthly basis instead of via CPM can really pay off on days when we get an excessively high number of readers. These spots are visible on every page of our website.

Text link: You can order a plain text link to your website, with your own title and text description.

We will also be limiting the number of banners and links to increase the CTR, as well as filtering ads we don’t find related. Currently the price for these spots is rather low. You won’t find targeted traffic at these prices anywhere else and a banner will help build awareness to your brand or product. Your banner link will be showing on our PageRank 4 (PR4) pages, an additional value for your money. You can find out more about Google PageRank in here.

Get in touch with us to purchase a banner spot or a text link. We are open to your ideas or suggestions regarding advertising. If you or your company are interested in advertising, for all promotional inquiries please contact us and be sure to mention Advertising in your subject for faster reply.

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