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October 13th, 2008

AOL Hosted Sites Distribute Malware

Malware on AOL hosted pages has been recently reported by Alex Eckelberry from Sunbelt. It seems that it is not new and AOL is actually neglecting this issue, allowing visitors to get infected with rogue software.

AOL’s German Hometown page has a number of pages that redirect to rogue antivirus programs like Antivirus XP (Do NOT visit those pages):

hometown aol de/xotueqkgqivyh/software_project_management_tool_jam html
hometown aol de/xotueqkgqivyh/how_to_download_sql_server_2000_service_pack_4 html
hometown aol de/wquvwlhiyqtdq/mercury_outboard_force html
hometown aol de/wquvwlhiyqtdq/lexus_of_orland_park html
hometown aol de/qkirjaqrxotue/www_recumbentbicycles html
hometown aol de/qkirjaqrxotue/www_locumtenensusa_com html
hometown aol de/qkirjaqrxotue/tupulove_tu144 html
hometown aol de/qkirjaqrxotue/tortured_girl html
hometown aol de/aautnirpkzjuk/netbui_being_used_by_unix_printing html
hometown aol de/aautnirpkzjuk/download_terminator_2__judgment_day_for_amiga_free html
hometown aol de/aautnirpkzjuk/download_free_fire_red_pokemon html

The US site shows a bunch of junk as well:

hometown aol com/ZaneDelacruz42/teenage-sex-vid html
hometown aol com/ValeriaBall85/best-adult-joke html
hometown aol com/russellroon67/article-dr -adam-harris html
hometown aol com/RodneyLevine37/scooter-sex-dwarf html
hometown aol com/richardhaet62/index html
hometown aol com/NonaMorton70/asian-fanatic-radio html
hometown aol com/milomcclure/index html
hometown aol com/MelvaLucas16/ebony-rimming html
hometown aol com/LincolnWynn32/khan-fishies-fuck html
hometown aol com/JuliaOneill69/best-boners-boner html
hometown aol com/JuliaOneill69/best-ass-kiera html
hometown aol com/JennyHooper34/nhl-uniforms html
hometown aol com/JanetParker74/fisting-alsha html
hometown aol com/GeorgeRush68/picture-hardcore html
hometown aol com/florencerand36/lawrence-co -oh-government html
hometown aol com/ErvinJohnson67/motel-sluts html
hometown aol com/DesmondDuke49/funny-sexy-pitures html
hometown aol com/DeanMcintosh74/huge-horse-cum html
hometown aol com/DarinJackson32/dressing-woman html
hometown aol com/BriceFlowers48/boobs-and-bellies html
hometown aol com/biggerx98y/medical-penis-photo html
hometown aol com/BartTalley70/australia-porno html
hometown aol com/AvaMelton38/jessica-barton-nude html
hometown aol com/AntonBarrett40/big-and-tit html
hometown aol com/AlonzoDuke36/chat-de-porn-video html

The same with the Journals:

journals aol com/ykyhexeaxo/jaliyah/entries/2008/10/11/driving-safe-with-bluetooth-headsets/3302
journals aol com/uleujpaax/felicia/entries/2008/10/11/is-sex-safe-losing-mucus-plug/652
journals aol com/SweetJ686/Elisabeth13
journals aol com/stmstmstm/Stephanie99
journals aol com/stevejones280361/Charlotte87
journals aol com/stenctull/Alberta24
journals aol com/stebooth2/Charlotte44
journals aol com/solracd/Tara71
journals aol com/nuvosarude/alfred/entries/2008/10/11/is-it-safe-to-steam-clean-your-car/4663
journals aol com/nagyzcujba/brodie/entries/2008/10/08/where-can-i-look-at-houses-for-sale-online/3286
journals aol com/marcelahot19/ryder-cup-ryder-cup-2008/entries/2008/10/06/lego-history-blindekuh/2522
journals aol com/lyndseyonly20/marc-zumberg-mark-zomberg/entries/2008/10/08/anthony-rakis-hawaiian-tropic-zone/2419
journals aol com/iamwhoiam676/KraziethoughtsfromaKrazieGurl/
journals aol com/hardmovieboy/blog/entries/2008/10/11/india-australia-live-streaming/1432
journals aol com/hardmovieboy/blog/entries/2008/10/11/history-of-the-world-part-1/1430
journals aol com/hardmovieboy/blog/entries/2008/10/08/asian-ass-porn/1202

It seems that there is a same problem with Google Groups, so AOL isn’t the only company that helps malware distribution.

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