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October 9th, 2008

Fake YouTube Pages Getting Popular, New Tool Released Allows Fake Pages Creation In Seconds

TrendLabs report a new hacking tool that is circulating on the Internet and allows malicious users to create fake YouTube pages designed to deliver malware. The tool is detected by Trend Micro as HKTL_FAKEYOUT, features a Spanish-language user-friendly console that a “hacker” could use to create a pair of Web pages that look completely identical to legitimate YouTube pages.

This YouTube malware tool was is also being updated by its author. Recent change shows the modifications in its graphic user interface (GUI):

The new version, with the file name YouTube Fake Creator v1.2 Fixed.exe is also detected by Trend Micro as HKTL_FAKEYOUT.

With basic social engineering, unsuspecting users may be led to the first of the fake pages, INDEX.HTML. Here, users may be disappointed to see that they cannot view their video as they need a new version of Adobe Flash Player or some plugin or codec. A link is conveniently provided, and clicking the link leads users to the hacker’s file of choice, which most likely be some kind of malware or data stealing trojan. A sample error page, also generated by the tool.

A second fake page informing users that the video they were trying to view cannot be shown is then displayed. This is to make users think that nothing has really happened, when in fact by downloading the plugin, malware may already be running on their systems.

This tool is a dangerous addition to script kiddies arsenal who could now use it for their malware and hacking operations much more efficiently. Users are advised to always check the URLs of pages they are viewing. Also, product updates should be downloaded from the vendors themselves to ensure that these are legitimate and not malicious.

Fake codecs remain popular masks for malware. The popularity of YouTube also makes it a preferred target for malware users who want to infect more users.

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