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March 18th, 2009

IE8, Firefox And Safari Exploited At CanSecWest Security Conference

For the second consecutive year, the security researcher Charlie Miller hacked into a fully patched MacBook computer by exploiting a security vulnerability in Apple’s Safari browser.

“It took a couple of seconds. They clicked on the link and I took control of the machine,” Miller said moments after his accomplishment.

The Pwn2Own 2009 contest at CanSecWest security conference kicked off at exactly 3:15 PM and, within seconds, Miller launched his drive-by attack and claimed the $10,000 top prize. He also got to keep the MacBook machine.

Miller said he came to the CanSecWest with a plan to hack into Safari and had tested the exploit carefully to ensure “it worked the first time.” Technical details of the vulnerability will not be released until a patch is ready.

It took a while longer but Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 also did not survive the hacker onslaught. A security researcher named “Nils” (he declined to provide his full name) performed a clean drive-by download attack against the world’s most widely used browser to take full control of a Sony Vaio machine running Windows 7.

He won a cash prize and got to keep the hardware.  Details of the vulnerability, which was described by contest sponsor TippingPoint ZDI as a “brilliant IE8 bug!” are being kept under wraps.

Several members of Microsoft’s security response team were on hand to witness the successful exploit.

“Nils” also scored a clean hit against Apple’s Safari (he was the second hacker to exploit Safari) and, later in the afternoon, he exploited a Firefox zero-day flaw to claim the trifecta.

Credit: Security Blogs

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