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April 16th, 2008

Interbank FX Customers Data Exposed For Almost A Year

In April, 2007 an employee posted a file to an insecure server that was accessible via the Internet.  The file contained personal information belonging to certain persons who applied for an Interbank FX account prior to April, 2007. Interbank FX became aware of the exposure only on March 28th, 2008.

The incident involved an electronic file dated April 2, 2007, which contained personal information provided by certain individuals who had applied for an Interbank FX account prior to that date. Around that time, an employee uploaded the file to a computer server accessible via the internet. The employee’s action was contrary to Interbank FX policies and procedures and compromised the security of the information in the file.

The file contained the information provided during opening of an account. This may include social security number, driver’s license, and passport information, and may also include Interbank FX account information.

Upon learning on March 28, 2008 that this information was available outside secured computing environment, the Company took immediate steps to secure the information. Interbank FX has thoroughly investigated the matter, has taken immediate steps to protect clients information, and is taking the additional precautions to assist monitoring and guarding the security of personal information. All files containing sensitive personal information were removed from the server and brought within the Company’s firewalls and electronic security controls.

The incident does not affect anyone who applied for an Interbank FX account after April 2, 2007.

As an additional precaution, clients are encouraged to change any password you created for your Interbank FX account prior to April 2, 2007. A toll-free hotline (800-550-1571) is available for questions and assist in signing up for the Equifax Credit WatchTM program.

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