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February 20th, 2009

SMS Malware Targets Symbian S60 Devices

F-Secure and Fortinet are investigating a newly discovered mobile malware identified as SymbOS/Yxes.A!worm or “Sexy View”. The malware is affecting S60 3rd Edition series devices, and has a valid certificate signed by Symbian tricking the mobile device user into thinking it’s a legitimate application.

“Sexy View” propagates by collecting all the phone numbers from the infected device, and then SMS-es itself to all of them including a link to a web site hosting a copy of it. SymbOS/Yxes.A!worm is the second mobile malware detected in the wild for 2009, followed by last month’s discovery of Trojan-SMS.Python.Flocker by Kaspersky Labs.

F-Secure describes the malware as a Trojan but other vendors describe it as a worm, in recognition of the discovery of what might be described as auto-spreading capabilities.

Fortinet adds that the malware gains information on the infected victim (such as serial number of the infected phone, subscription number etc) and posts this data to a remote server likely controlled by cyber criminals. It’s unclear how many users have fallen victim to the attack or its ultimate motives.

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