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September 7th, 2010

Thousands Of Websites Distribute Scareware After Mass Injection Attack, BlueHost, DreamHost, Bizland, GoDaddy Affected

A new mass injection attack has compromised tens of thousands of websites with code that directs visitors to rogue antivirus programs. The attack was detected and reported by security researchers from Websense, a provider of Web and email security solutions.

“Websense ThreatSeeker Network detected this large-scale break out of the campaign recently. The targets are four well-known Web hosting providers: BlueHost, DreamHost, Bizland and Go Daddy,” the Websense experts note.

During last week the number of affected sites varied from 22,000 to almost 39,000 depending on the day, with BlueHost being the most affected hosting company. Statistics compiled by Websense reveal that BlueHost accounted for 38% of compromised sites and was followed by DreamHost with 28%, BizLand with 19% and Go Daddy with 12%.

The attack involves a rogue “script” element being added just before the end of the page body, with the src attribute loading content from several remote addresses.

This external code checks if the user was targeted before and if not it redirects them to websites in the domain space, which display fake antivirus warnings commonly associated with scareware campaigns.

The purpose of these bogus alerts is to convince users to install rogue antivirus program, which further bombards them with fictitious warnings in an attempt to trick them into paying license fees.

Two of the malicious domains involved in this attack, and, have participated in a similar mass compromise back in July.

It is highly likely that the same individuals are behind both campaigns. According to Websense, the domains “were registered between May and July by the same person using two free mailboxes.”

Cybercriminals use automatic tools to scan the IP spaces of major hosting companies for vulnerable websites and infect them all at once to target as many users as possible.

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