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March 14th, 2008

Yesterday’s Mass Hack Attack

The number of yesterday’s attack (over 10.000) websites has doubled according to Avertlabs.

Another recent mass attack, is using a JavaScript file rather than an IFRAME. The attack seems to have started about two weeks ago, and nearly 200,000 web pages have been found to be affected or compromised, most of which are running phpBB forum software. The vast majority of attacked websites yesterday’s were active server pages (.ASP). The ASP attacks methods and payload are different than the phpBB ones. Various exploits are used in the ASP attacks, where the phpBB ones rely on social engineering. phpBB mass hacks have occurred in the past, including those done by the Perl/Santy.worm back in 2004.

A brief video demonstrating how the phpBB attack looks from the end user’s perspective can be found at


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